Understanding Your Long-Distance Moving Company Price Quote


As you begin to collect quotes from moving companies for your long-distance move, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the fees you might see on an itemized pricing quote. This can help you to determine which services you need, which company to use, and what fits in your budget. Use this guide to understand some of the charges you might see on your long-distance moving quote.

Diversion Charge

A diversion charge might appear if you will need the moving truck to make more than one stop. For example, if you need to have items picked up or delivered to a storage facility in addition to your home, there may be a fee for this extra stop.

Refueling Charge

Moving your items across the company will require the moving company to refuel the truck, possibly several times. The cost of gas for your move may be included in the total cost of the move, or it may appear as a separate itemized charge, known as a refueling charge. On a moving quote, you may see an estimated refueling charge, which can change depending on the current price of gas at the time of your move. If you don't see a refueling line item on your quote, be sure to ask if the cost of fuel is covered in the total estimated cost.

Special Item Charges

Some items may require extra manpower or expertise to move, and moving companies will sometimes charge extra for moving these items. For example, if you have a pool table, baby grand piano, waterbed, or hot tub, you may see a special item charge on your quote. Be sure that you want these items to come with you to your new home, as you may be able to save money and space by getting rid of them before your move if you don't really need them anymore.

Stair Charges

If you are moving into or out of an apartment that requires your movers to haul items up and down a staircase, you may see an extra charge on your moving quote. This is simply because moving items in this manner can take extra manpower. In some cases, you might see a similar charge if you need to have the movers transport items on an elevator as well. Negotiating items in and out of an elevator can be a challenge, and the extra cost will cover the work needed to expertly move your items on an elevator.

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you receive your moving quote. A long-distance move can be difficult to coordinate, and you want to know that you are getting all of the services you need at a price that fits your budget. Once you are satisfied with the moving quote you've received, you can begin to prepare for your moving day. Contact a moving company like Northwest Movers Inc for additional information on moving quotes.


13 April 2017

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