5 Ways Piano Movers Can Save You Time And Money


When moving a piano, you may wonder why you can't simply haul it yourself or hire a regular moving company. However, you can get several benefits from choosing a professional piano mover, such as saving time and money. Here are a few of the ways piano movers can save you time and money.

1. Bringing Moving Power and Equipment

The first obvious benefit of hiring piano movers is that they can bring the requisite amount of lifting power (as many workers as needed). They can also bring any piano dollies, moving blankets, slings, and other equipment needed to efficiently move your piano.

2. Avoiding Damage to Piano

Since pianos can be very valuable (as well as quite expensive to repair), the threat of damage to your piano during moving is a big issue. In addition to any padding materials they may bring along, professional piano movers know the best strategies to avoid piano damage during a move. They may even offer a guarantee that will cover any damage done to the piano en route.

3. Avoiding Injury to Surroundings or People

While a piano is fragile, it's also enormous, bulky, and unwieldy. This means that the piano is not only difficult to control but that it may behave unpredictably and can easily damage anything or anyone that it bumps into or falls on. As you can imagine, such incidents can be not only painful but also expensive, even if they don't lead to serious injury.

Professional piano movers are more experienced at predicting and controlling the movements of the piano.

4. Using Established Moving Processes

Many homes have tight staircases, narrow doorways, porch railings, or other features that can make moving a piano tricky even for a professional. But professionals have these situations covered, because they know just what processes to use.

For instance, a professional piano mover will know how to safely remove legs from a piano to make the piano easier to fit through a doorway. 

And the movers have a lot of experience moving pianos in different situations, which means they can quickly and easily choose the best plan of action to get the piano from where it is to where it needs to be. If you hire someone less experienced, the process might take longer as the workers would have to figure out how to dismantle the piano and get it through tight spots.

5. Saving Your Warranty

If your piano is under warranty, you could risk voiding that protection if you move the piano on your own. Of course, this doesn't apply to every piano; you may have an antique piano that's outlived its warranty by decades. But if your piano does have a warranty, be sure to choose an approved professional moving service.

As you can see, your piano mover can provide benefits that often include or involve saving you time and expense as well as worry. Contact your local piano movers today to learn more.


16 November 2020

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