Long-Term Storage Facility Features You May Want And Why


Long-term storage facilities are nice to have. There are many features and benefits that come with choosing a long-term commitment to storing your belongings. If you have not considered long-term storage before, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the more common features of this storage option. There are reasons why you may enjoy the following features. 

Less Anxiety

If you find yourself without shelter frequently, due to no fault of your own, you may tend to have a lot of anxiety about your belongings. Where will it all go? Where will it be safe? When you make arrangements to store the bulk of your things in a long-term storage unit, that anxiety goes away. Then, it does not matter if this apartment burns down, or that property changes hands and the new proprietor kicks you out. It does not matter if floods come and wreck your home, because long-term facilities are generally resistant to flooding. So much anxiety about your things goes away, and you can feel a little more relaxed knowing that your stuff is safely tucked away somewhere, even if you are not. 

Temporary Military Relocation

If you or your spouse are in the military, and you are relocated somewhere else for only two years and are expected to return to where you are presently residing, a long-term facility is perfect. Leave the bulk of your stuff stored here, move there, and when you are allowed to move back or told to move back, your stuff is still here waiting for you. 

Paid in Advance 

A lot of long-term facilities ask that you pay for at least six months to a year in advance, although payment for one year in advance is pretty standard. It may be difficult to come up with that kind of cash, but it is worth the peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to worry about paying that monthly bill. Your stuff is safe, covered, indoors, insulated, protected, and no one can get into your unit but you. If you are able, and you know that you are going to need that unit for longer than a year, pay up in full for the time you think you will need it. There are no penalties for paying in advance, and if you withdraw your items before that time is up, you get the rent money back in full for the unused months. 

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2 May 2019

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