Are You Packing And Moving Your Books Correctly?


Despite the popularity of e-readers, many people still prefer books. Building your book collection is a satisfying hobby until it is time to pack up and move to a new home or apartment. Moving more than a few books can be physically challenging. Luckily, there are things you can do to not only protect the backs of everyone helping, but also to protect the books.

Donate Some Books

Before you pack up your books, you should consider going through them and donating any that you do not want to keep. Giving away your books can be difficult, but there is the comfort of knowing that you are spreading the knowledge to others.

To avoid the temptation of moving books from the donation pile back to the ones you are keeping, put them in boxes or bags and take them to the donation site immediately. Once they are out of your home, you can turn your attention towards dealing with the books you are keeping.

Keep the Boxes Small

One of the biggest mistakes that book owners make when moving is to use large boxes. It might seem logical to pack as many books as you can in a box, but your back will pay for the decision. Remember, the more books you add, the heavier the boxes will be.

Using smaller boxes does not mean you can fill them up. You still need to be careful with the weight. Instead of cramming books into the boxes, try to stay at about 75 to 80 percent filled. You can use bubble wrap to fill the remaining area left in the box. This will not only protect your books, but also your back.

Label Your Books

Even though you might be committed to the idea of unpacking all your belongings on day one in your new home or apartment, there is a good chance you will not. Moving can be physically and emotionally draining and you likely will not be able to unpack everything for a few days.

In the meantime, you still want access to the book you are reading, right? A good way to ensuring you can find the books you want to read is to label the boxes after packing. List the name of the books inside on a label or directly on the box.

There are many other precautions to take when moving. If you want to be as safe as possible, consider contracting with a moving company. Experienced movers have access to equipment that makes moving the books a simple task.  


17 October 2017

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