Preparing For A Day At The Storage Auction


Abandoned or sold storage unit contents go on auction fairly regularly, and it's a gamble of great discovery depending on how you approach it. Some people search for specific, sometimes rare belongings, while others are just out to restore and sell the contents. Regardless of your reasons, you need to be prepared for purchase, transit, and later storage. Here are a few preparation areas to master before heading out to the auction.

Have A Transport And Resupply Plan

You'll never know when a perfect rain of great pieces will show up at a storage unit. Whether you're the winning bidder of a lot of different pieces or just picking up some massive items, you need to be ready to get it off the management's property.

It's vital to understand the storage facility's policy about keeping items on the property. No matter what the arrangement, you should at least try to have the objects removed the day of the auction. If not, your costs will begin to climb.

Get a truck ready. If you can't secure a moving truck or don't have a large truck of your own, the most convenient option would be to purchase a storage unit at the site of the public storage unit auction. Unless the facility is closing business and needs everything to go, they won't turn down business from you. Just be careful and try not to spend all of the potential sales money on storage.

Have a backup plan if you need more than one trip to put your purchases away. This includes multiple loading and unloading attempts, as well as making sure your auction winnings are safe at the auction site and wherever you plan on taking everything.

Fragile And Secure Storage Planning

Some auctioned items may be fragile, or easily ruined by certain weather conditions. This means that you'll need a plan for loading and unloading carefully, as well as protecting the objects from rain, extreme weather conditions, or exposure to the outdoors in general.

Don't write off fatigue. No matter how strong you are or how strong your hired help looks, trying to force through a heavy lifting day is a mistake. It doesn't matter if you place yourself in the position of a customer who just wants the job done; if you want to guarantee safe delivery, encourage scheduled breaks and avoid trying to rush workers through their breaks.

If you're doing the lifting yourself, breaks still matter. Being strong doesn't mean being careful, and you may slam sensitive objects without thinking. There's no reason to rush if you can make a decent pace and make profits later.

Be sure to carry a few plastic containers that can provide a seal, or some kind of raid protection. You may want to carry tarps or plastic covers to drape over well-upholstered furniture, and smaller covers for electronics are helpful.

Contact a storage facility and ask about auctions as you prepare everything you need for a good, safe, efficient haul. Visit to learn more.


15 June 2017

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