Mistakes That Could Cause Distractions On Moving Day


Moving day can be chaotic and lead to many challenges. Any issues you face could be compounded by mistakes. Fortunately, most mistakes are easily avoidable with the right preparation. Here are just a few missteps that could hurt your moving day and the preparations you can make to avoid them.  

Packing Up All of Your Essentials

You know that packing up your belongings before moving day is a good thing. What you might not realize in your zeal to be ready for the big day is that you do not need to pack up everything. Once you pack those items up, you will not have access to them again until they are placed in the moving van, taken to your new home, unloaded, and then unpacked. Depending on how long it takes to do all of those things, it could be days before you see those belongings again. 

To avoid a situation in which you and your family do not have a change of clothes, hygiene products, and items to cook and clean, you need to pack a few essential boxes. The boxes can contain things that your family needs for a few days. If it does take a couple of days to unpack, your family will not be without the things they need to comfortably live.  

Taking Unnecessary Risks

In the chaos of moving day, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking safety measures. Failing to do so though, could lead to injuries or damages to property. Therefore, it is important for you to create a safety plan ahead of time and make sure everyone knows it. With the plan in place, accidents will be unlikely and everyone can make it to the new home in one piece.  

Your plan needs to take into account more than safety measures, such as lifting heavy boxes the right way. It also needs to include measures for dealing with small children and pets. Both can be a distraction to the movers and adults helping with the move.  

You can eliminate that distraction by planning ahead. For instance, you could ask a friend or family member to keep young children and pets at their home until the move is complete.  

Prior to moving day, look for other opportunities to avoid other mistakes. You can even consult with your movers or Affordable Transfer Co Inc. to learn of other problems that could cause distractions on moving day.  


12 April 2017

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